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FASHION : Las Vegas Style is glad to be back!   Thank you, dear friends, for your patience and support during the past few weeks. Love and family first…. We have been taking care of our mom, Regina, to relocate her to a new residence as she battles with Alzheimer's disease.  Now, our loyal fans and fashion lovers, we are happy to share with you that she is settled, doing well, and of course, looking as styling as ever!  And so we are back to blogging, bringing you exciting news of fashion finds, styles, and happenings!

FASHION : Las Vegas Style loves Ted Baker London!

The newest store in Fashion Show Mall is aglow with excitement! Each store is one-of-a-kind, designed to highlight what makes the city unique. In this store, it’s Vegas, baby – with a British twist!

Ted Baker London is shiny and alive.

Explore the store and notice the details. The crystal-cut chandelier is the focal point. Giant metal playing cards form the backdrop.

Movement is everywhere, even in the ceiling. It’s askew, shifted in perspective to convey the motion and vitality of our vibrant city (you’ll just have to go see for yourself!). Throw the dice – you’re in Vegas! There are many of them — over 3,000 in the counter alone!

Clothing and accessories are arranged on antique gaming tables.

Display racks are replicas of poker chips.

Did I say “display” … as in clothes … as in gorgeous clothes? You’ll find them here, for men and for women – classic and elegant, old-school but with a progressive twist. Guaranteed, you will feel classy and modern when you wear them.

Men, you’ll be dapper in sweaters, shirts, and jackets. The look is neat and tidy, with splashes of color for eye-catching polish!

Jacket details are delightful – look closely! Linings are printed with all the items a gentleman might need for travel  or whimsical prints that just make you smile.

Women, you’ll feel soft and feminine, yet empowered and strong. Jackets anchor the look, and the prints are what holds it together.

Choose one you like. Ted Baker London makes it in all different items of clothing! You could have a jersey tank, tailored skirt, silky top, spunky dress, or even shoes and a purse in the same print (that blew our minds!).

If you don’t want to match, coordinate.

Don’t forget the built-in jewelry for harmonized bling.

Then top it all off with an elegant coat to die for.

You’ll be forever a Ted Baker London fan!

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Ideas bloomed and blossomed at the Sanford-Brown College Fashion Show

Smiles were everywhere at the Sanford-Brown College Fashion Show at the Baobab Theater at Town Square where students showed off their FASHION : Las Vegas Style!

In its third year, the show was managed and produced primarily by senior fashion design students at the College. Their ideas bloomed and blossomed, creating fashionable styles both casual and elegant — long and short and in between.

One of the innovative concepts presented was showing how one fabric can be used in many innovative ways. A little use of imagination, and completely different looks were created! Flowers blossom on tops, shorts, dresses, and sashes!

The flower theme continued into evening wear. Very elegant and striking! Petals and leaves of fabric added a happy and feminine touch. Some flowers were edged in elaborate cording. Others were bunched together like a solid carpet of flowers! Again, the students’ creativity was shining. The same fabric, used in different ways, creates entirely different looks!

The designers also mixed and matched fabrics and colors. The theme was blue and grey, in different types and weights of fabrics – matte and satin, sheer or shiny. Then, they experimented – swirling, gathering, ruffling! Who would think so many different looks could be possible?

Applause to designers Karina Carrillo, Brenton Coon, Marshanay Douglas, Mauricio Felipe, Eduardo Jimenez, Carina Roman, Christina Roman, Jared Schy, and Mengxi Wang! You rock the future of fashion!

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